Our Story

Cocoa Couture was born out of four generations of confectioners.

It is our belief that food should be of the best quality but, also be of good
character. This is why here at Cocoa Couture we source only the finest
ingredients from ethical producers and growers. Our packaging is made
from recycled cocoa shells which can be placed in your domestic composted.  All of our “plastic wrapping” is made from
bio-plastic which is not plastic at all but  is made using cellulose from plants and is also fully compostable.

All of our chocolate creations are
made using traditional methods with no machinery and contain only natural ingredients, with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. 
Our ethos is simple, to value the world and people involved in the
process of farming, harvesting, cultivating and processing. And, finally the
chocolatiers themselves by giving time, energy and respect to the craft of chocolate
It all started with my great grandfather Thomas Flynn who worked as a
confectioner in 1901 whilst living in the tenement buildings of Henrietta
Street in Dublin. I found my love of chocolate like most people as a child.
But, I found my love of working with chocolate when in a former life working in Dublin, I taught classes in sugar craft
to clients to assist in stress management, during which I met a girl who
was interested in making a chocolate cake with chocolate flowers, she
asked if I knew how to work with chocolate; I did not so I took a class
in chocolate tempering so I could pass on the knowledge. I immediately
fell in love with the art. I continued with my training in chocolate work
which, has led me here. I am now, the fourth generation of confectioners
to continue on with the family tradition here in my home in the beautiful
County of Laois.
Cocoa couture offers you artisan gourmet chocolates, handcrafted from
only the finest ingredients from around the world and Ireland, produced
in our beautiful shop in County Laois.

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