Terms and Conditions

Returns Policy

Here at Cocoa Couture we adhere to the highest of standards in quality control however, If you have found something unsatisfactory with your Cocoa Couture product please return it along with its original packaging and a copy of proof of purchase to Cocoa Couture 31 Patrick Street, Mountmellick, County Laois, Republic of Ireland, stating why it is being returned. Please notify Cocoa Couture prior to the return of products to explain why you may want to return your product. We will endeavour to meet your requirements as best we can.

Terms and Conditions

Cocoa Couture will not refund monies or accept returns without proof of purchase or change of mind after purchase. Refunds are only agreed upon when the product is unsatisfactory due to quality of product. Storage of the items after purchase and acceptance of the package after delivery is the responsibility of the purchaser and not Cocoa Couture. All Cocoa Couture products must be stored in a cool dry place away from direct heat. All chocolate products are handmade and made without any preservatives, Cocoa Couture is an artisan producer and as such does not use expiry dates on its products. We do advise for the purchaser to consume any cocoa couture product within a reasonable time frame after the time of purchase, our recommendation is within two weeks of purchase, unless otherwise stated. Cocoa Couture does not take responsibility for any product deemed unsatisfactory after a 14 day period after purchase.

Allergen Information

All Cocoa Couture products are produced in an environment where NUTS are present. All products sold by Cocoa Couture may have come into contact with NUTS, NUT derivatives. WHEAT, WHEAT products and derivatives. SOY, SOY products and derivatives. Where NUTS are present in a product the NUTS may have contain SULPHATES. All ganache filled truffles, covertures and milk chocolate products including moulded praline and sweets contain DAIRY both from CREAM and BUTTER. All products contain LACTOSE unless otherwise stated. All Chocolate products produced by Cocoa Couture contain SOY in some form unless otherwise stated. Some Cocoa Couture products contain all of the above allergens in some form. If in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us at our email address to be found on our website or call us on 089 706 24 37, we’d be happy to advise you. If you have any dietary requirements we can arrange to have a product made especially for you in an offsite allergen free environment. (This will incur an extra charge to be advised when order is confirmed, as an offsite kitchen is rented to accommodate special dietary requirements)